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Top 7 Slang Words Trending in 2016

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As rap music, trending topics, hashtags and memes get more and more popular each year – the result is a barrage of new slang terms. Slang is defined as very informal language that is usually spoken rather than written. Slang can be used to reference an entire era. Phrases like  “eat me”, “psych”, “radical” and “righteous” defined the 80’s generation. “Oh, snap”, “for sure” and “totally” are instant 90’s cliches. But that was then, this is now  and its 2016. We’ve got rap music, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, and other sorts of social media to facilitate the spread of the current vernacular.

We wanted to be absolutely sure that we’re dialed in on how people are speaking this year, so we looked at all of the random hat orders we’ve had over the past year and picked out the most common phrases this year. Chances are you either use these words multiple times a day, have never heard them spoken, or are you already so sick of hearing them that you hope they die forever.

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