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Top 7 Slang Words Trending in 2016

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As rap music, trending topics, hashtags and memes get more and more popular each year – the result is a barrage of new slang terms. Slang is defined as very informal language that is usually spoken rather than written. Slang can be used to reference an entire era. Phrases like  “eat me”, “psych”, “radical” and “righteous” defined the 80’s generation. “Oh, snap”, “for sure” and “totally” are instant 90’s cliches. But that was then, this is now  and its 2016. We’ve got rap music, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, and other sorts of social media to facilitate the spread of the current vernacular.

We wanted to be absolutely sure that we’re dialed in on how people are speaking this year, so we looked at all of the random hat orders we’ve had over the past year and picked out the most common phrases this year. Chances are you either use these words multiple times a day, have never heard them spoken, or are you already so sick of hearing them that you hope they die forever.

Speak them or not – here are the words buzzing throughout popular culture during  2016:


Low Key

Definition: Something you do not want to be said out loud, that doesn’t need to be broadcasted or overplayed. This term can also apply to event being calm or chill.

Example: “Even though we fought, I’m lowkey sad my roomie is moving out.”



Definition: Most recently, it means something (most typically an event, place, or concert ) that was amazing, turned up, poppin’ etc. It can also be used to describe someone who is super drunk or high.

Example: “We’re you at the block party downtown on Friday? Fuck yeah I was. It was lit!”



Definition: Being informed, up to speed or aware of current issues, trends, topics.

Example: “You need to stay woke on political issues and vote.”




Definition: Short for the term “family.” You can (but shouldn’t anymore) use squad to define your group of friends, but “fam” is directed towards one individual.

Example: “Yo you think I can bum a cig? Got you fam”





Definition: Short for relationship, it’s used to describe when you think two people should be in a relationship together.

Example: Justin Bieber needs to get back together with Selena Gomez. I totally ship Justin and Selena.




Definition: A shady person or behavior. Short for suspect. Someone who is hiding something from you is “sus”.

Example: “Yo I think Kristina was snapchatting that entire conversation. Shm she’s so sus.”




Definition: A badass person. It’s commonly overstated. But it means someone who is not afraid of repercussions or perception. Literally not giving AF about anything.

Example: “Dude you’re a fucking savage!”


Keep your suggestions rolling in! Tweet at us @neonragehats and let us know your favorite slang term of 2016 or visit our custom design tool here  to make customize your favorite phrase on a hat. All custom hats are 25% off til the end of month (exp. May 31st) so be sure to grab yours now.

YOLO Hats – The quick story!

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Ultra Music Festival

Hey Guys, as many of you know, we attended Ultra Music Festival this past weekend. Normally our flagship “RAGE” Hat leads the festival sales, but YOLO hats came in strong. We prepared a decent amount of YOLO hats, only to have them fly off the shelves. The Ultra Festival was filled with neon hats, and people ran over to the booth, exclaiming that they only lived once! We don’t know what it is, but we know that YOLO is the hottest new hat on the market.

A temporary trend?

The RageHats staff doesn’t know for sure, but maybe YOLO is only a temporary trend. We saw Ultra attendees with tattoos, necklaces, shirts, and dozens of places with the phrase YOLO. We were happy to add bright neon snapbacks to their collection yolo phrases. Even if the hat is just a temporary trend, the fact remains valid… Yolo IS a trend!

A New Bestseller

Pink Rage is always the best hat, but since we introduced Yolo back in January, it has been giving RAGE a run for the money. The Pink YOLO is our second top selling hat, with Green Rage finishing the third place position. If more people gain the “You Only Live Once” Mindset, RageHats may have a new bestselling hat on our hands! Check out our gallery of Ultra Muisc Festival pictures posted by tomorrow to see pictures of our new collection, maybe your in some of the pictures!


Introducing Rave Gloves

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What are Rave Gloves?

Rave Gloves are LED gloves with 5 multicolored internal LED microlights. Unlike typical light up gloves, they flash in a variety of different colors, with multicolor changing mode, strobe mode, and flashing mode. They are the ultimate accessory for raves and parties. You guys have been requesting them via facebook and twitter, and from our experience at music festivals, we know they would be a perfect fit for rageing hard! The neon colors will match your hats and sunglasses!

Quality, One size fits all

Our rave gloves are high quality. We test each and every pair to ensure that the LED’s are bright, all wires are connected, and the quality is fully above expectations. Many people love to do light shows and display the gloves like finger lights, and we want to help you do that! Check out our full page on Rave Gloves here!

Trucker Hats?

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What are trucker hats?

Trucker hats are unique. Trucker hats are a type of baseball cap that gained popularity as a trendy item in the early 2000’s. Originally used for promotional giveaways, the lightweight mesh design, giant foam front, and comfortable style allowed the trucker hat to gain wide variety of followers.

Funny Phrases?

The giant foam front made the trucker caps ideal for humorous phrases. Rage Hats takes the idea to an entirely new level. Printing obnoxious phrases and allowing people to easily customize their hats, our neon hats are among the funniest caps to enter the market!

What else are they called?

Trucker hats, mesh caps, neon hats, snapback caps, neon snapbacks, foam hats, truckers caps, New Era; with increasing popularity, new names and terms are getting coined all the time! One thing is for sure, the only place you will get giant foam obnoxious neon trucker hats is right here, Rage Hats!


College & Frats

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Do you love to “frat”?

With more and more people tailgating, attending football games, and getting rowdy, frat parties are growing faster than ever! Rage Hats is pleased to announce custom frat hats! Now you can frat even harder by creating your own neon mesh trucker hat. As always, these hats are snapback style caps, one size fits all!

Wholesale fundraising opportunities!

Frats have tons of money, but they could always use more! Depending on how many caps you are looking to purchase, our prices are as low as $9 per hat. Retailing for $20, the hats are an incredible way to earn funds for your college group!

Customize hats for you and your friends!

Everyone wants to get noticed. Everyone loves something that they call their own! Custom hats are perfect for any one that wants to express themselves. Simply design a phrase, pick a color, and make it happen! Snapback hats are catching on, be a part of the madness!



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Electronic Music Festivals?

If you are reading this, than you probably have experienced the wonderful world of electric dance music. Whether you attended a major festival (Electric Daisy Carnival, Identity Fest, Ultra ect ) or caught a local DJ… there are commonalities we have all came to realize. EDM draws us in. It involves more senses than just the ear; you see it, you hear it, you feel it.  It’s attractive because it’s… “underground”. Even with growing popularity among younger audiences, mainstream North America seems uninterested, seeing it as a “niche” genre.


How has it became popular? 

The answer is an easy one. The people. The people define the culture. Country music has the South. What about rap music? Well although it’s “mainstream” there is still an embarrassment that forces us to roll up our windows and stop singing at red lights. EDM just feels right; it feels natural to sing with; dance with, you can rage, rave, and party. It’s non-judgmental. Anything goes and nothing is too extreme. More importantly, it’s our generation, Embrace it.


Whats so Special? 

While the rest of us have Halloween, we have music festivals – the perfect excuse to express yourself in the loudest way possible. More color, more lights, better partying, more glow, and more neon. In the world of EDM, the terms bolder and brighter have no limit. We want to stand out and we want to feel good. Electronic dance music lets us do just that.  Here at RageHats.com we’re about self expression, that’s our attitude, and it’s why we love EDM. We can help you get noticed, Join the madness.