YOLO Hats – The quick story!

Ultra Music Festival Hey Guys, as many of you know, we attended Ultra Music Festival this past weekend. Normally our flagship “RAGE” Hat leads the festival sales, but YOLO hats came in strong. We prepared a decent amount of YOLO hats, only to have them fly off the shelves. The Ultra Festival was filled with […]

Introducing Rave Gloves

What are Rave Gloves? Rave Gloves are LED gloves with 5 multicolored internal LED microlights. Unlike typical light up gloves, they flash in a variety of different colors, with multicolor changing mode, strobe mode, and flashing mode. They are the ultimate accessory for raves and parties. You guys have been requesting them via facebook and […]

Trucker Hats?

What are trucker hats? Trucker hats are unique. Trucker hats are a type of baseball cap that gained popularity as a trendy item in the early 2000’s. Originally used for promotional giveaways, the lightweight mesh design, giant foam front, and comfortable style allowed the trucker hat to gain wide variety of followers. Funny Phrases? The […]

College & Frats

Do you love to “frat”? With more and more people tailgating, attending football games, and getting rowdy, frat parties are growing faster than ever! Rage Hats is pleased to announce custom frat hats! Now you can frat even harder by creating your own neon mesh trucker hat. As always, these hats are snapback style caps, […]


Electronic Music Festivals? If you are reading this, than you probably have experienced the wonderful world of electric dance music. Whether you attended a major festival (Electric Daisy Carnival, Identity Fest, Ultra ect ) or caught a local DJ… there are commonalities we have all came to realize. EDM draws us in. It involves more […]