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Electronic Music Festivals?

If you are reading this, than you probably have experienced the wonderful world of electric dance music. Whether you attended a major festival (Electric Daisy Carnival, Identity Fest, Ultra ect ) or caught a local DJ… there are commonalities we have all came to realize. EDM draws us in. It involves more senses than just the ear; you see it, you hear it, you feel it.  It’s attractive because it’s… “underground”. Even with growing popularity among younger audiences, mainstream North America seems uninterested, seeing it as a “niche” genre.

How has it became popular? 

The answer is an easy one. The people. The people define the culture. Country music has the South. What about rap music? Well although it’s “mainstream” there is still an embarrassment that forces us to roll up our windows and stop singing at red lights. EDM just feels right; it feels natural to sing with; dance with, you can rage, rave, and party. It’s non-judgmental. Anything goes and nothing is too extreme. More importantly, it’s our generation, Embrace it.


Whats so Special? 

While the rest of us have Halloween, we have music festivals – the perfect excuse to express yourself in the loudest way possible. More color, more lights, better partying, more glow, and more neon. In the world of EDM, the terms bolder and brighter have no limit. We want to stand out and we want to feel good. Electronic dance music lets us do just that.  Here at RageHats.com we’re about self expression, that’s our attitude, and it’s why we love EDM. We can help you get noticed, Join the madness.