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Trucker Hats?

By December 23, 2011 Culture, Fashion No Comments

What are trucker hats?

Trucker hats are unique. Trucker hats are a type of baseball cap that gained popularity as a trendy item in the early 2000’s. Originally used for promotional giveaways, the lightweight mesh design, giant foam front, and comfortable style allowed the trucker hat to gain wide variety of followers.

Funny Phrases?

The giant foam front made the trucker caps ideal for humorous phrases. Rage Hats takes the idea to an entirely new level. Printing obnoxious phrases and allowing people to easily customize their hats, our neon hats are among the funniest caps to enter the market!

What else are they called?

Trucker hats, mesh caps, neon hats, snapback caps, neon snapbacks, foam hats, truckers caps, New Era; with increasing popularity, new names and terms are getting coined all the time! One thing is for sure, the only place you will get giant foam obnoxious neon trucker hats is right here, Rage Hats!