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YOLO Hats – The quick story!

By March 27, 2012 Uncategorized No Comments

Ultra Music Festival

Hey Guys, as many of you know, we attended Ultra Music Festival this past weekend. Normally our flagship “RAGE” Hat leads the festival sales, but YOLO hats came in strong. We prepared a decent amount of YOLO hats, only to have them fly off the shelves. The Ultra Festival was filled with neon hats, and people ran over to the booth, exclaiming that they only lived once! We don’t know what it is, but we know that YOLO is the hottest new hat on the market.

A temporary trend?

The RageHats staff doesn’t know for sure, but maybe YOLO is only a temporary trend. We saw Ultra attendees with tattoos, necklaces, shirts, and dozens of places with the phrase YOLO. We were happy to add bright neon snapbacks to their collection yolo phrases. Even if the hat is just a temporary trend, the fact remains valid… Yolo IS a trend!

A New Bestseller

Pink Rage is always the best hat, but since we introduced Yolo back in January, it has been giving RAGE a run for the money. The Pink YOLO is our second top selling hat, with Green Rage finishing the third place position. If more people gain the “You Only Live Once” Mindset, RageHats may have a new bestselling hat on our hands! Check out our gallery of Ultra Muisc Festival pictures posted by tomorrow to see pictures of our new collection, maybe your in some of the pictures!